team [teem] noun
1. Persons forming alliances for a challenge
2. a group associated in some joint action


Limitless has a senior leadership team with decades of marketing, branding, design, and diverse industry expertise.

Ericka AgebrandEricka Agebrand - Sr. Creative Consultant
Ericka joined The Limitless Group in 2016, bringing with her over two decades of hands-on experience in the design industry. She honed her craft in support of a wide range of industry verticals, making her an instrumental asset in her role leading the Limitless branding and design teams.     Linkedin Profile Ericka Agebrand on LI

Annessa AlvaradoAnessa Alvarado - Sr. BizDev Consultant
Anessa joined The Limitless Group in 2017, bringing 22 years of Government and commercial expertise. Her vast experience writing, technical editing, volume coordination, managing compliance reviews, teaching, and communications, makes her an invaluable Limitless asset.     Linkedin Profile Annessa Alvarado on LI

Michael HinsonMichael Hinson - President & Partner
Michael co-founded The Limitless Group in September 2015, bringing over 20 years of experience in marketing, proposal management, and communications. He is equally comfortable managing brand elements or spearheading implementations, which provides a stable foundation to manage the company's operations. Michael focuses on building partnerships with clients and vendors to ensure mutual success.     Linkedin Profile Michael Hinson

Aaron AlwellAaron Alwell - CEO & Partner
Aaron co-founded The Limitless Group in September 2015. Aaron is a marketing veteran with over 20 years in executive-level positions across multiple industries, building established brand identities and developing successful strategies to support both consumer and business-to-business solutions. Aaron focuses on the company's growth strategy, business development, and executive marketing consulting.     Linkedin Profile Aaron Alwell